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An integrated Planning for the Tempelhof Refugee Center


The challenge was to plan and manage the biggest refugee center in
Berlin while transforming the former airport into a dignified reception
The refugees’ needs were to be balanced with both the spatial specifics
of the airport and the local political complexity. The focal point of the
process was the refugees’ perspective. The task included developing a
spatial masterplan for both the facility itself and its outdoor area and
at the same time designing an organisational structure that included
all administrative and operational stakeholders. 




Team: Daniel Kerber, Isabelle Poncette (More Than Shelters)

Björn Lotter, Stephanie Nick, Florian Strenge (BAO: Lotter Nick Strenge GbR)

client: Senatskanzlei Berlin: Staatssekretär für Flüchtlingsfragen

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