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Erkundungen für
eine Welt
von morgen.
Berlin Kreuzberg


Stadtspaziergang seeks to use the practice of walking as a strategy for an appropriation of space, which may be emotional and empathetic. 
It is adressed to a group of open-minded people, who are interested in creating our common world of today and tomorrow. With them we are going on a walk in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Some of them know the area, for others it is unknown territory. The mission for all, however, remains the same:

we want to immerse oursevles into the space by using all our senses, in order to grasp it from our own perspective.

All senses are needed along the way: smelling, tasting, touching, listening, seeing. Be surprised!




Team: C. Walther; S. Nick

client: Bildungsagenten []

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